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Glen Waverley Sports Hub Works Update

Design work is underway on a new $26.7M 18-court public tennis centre in Glen Waverley! Council will deliver this exciting project on an area zoned Public Park and Recreation that is adjacent to the Glen Waverley Golf Course, and includes the 3.4 hectare golf driving range.

The tennis centre will add another facility to this well-known sporting precinct, which already offers netball, softball and golf. The tennis centre is anticipated to be ready for play by early 2024.

As part of this project, they will also upgrade the intersection of Jells Road and Waverley Road to manage traffic movements in response to the concerns raised by local residents during the initial consultation process earlier this year.

The concept design provides traffic signals at the Jells Road / Waverley Road intersection, whilst generally retaining the existing intersection configuration and layout (T-Intersection). It retains the existing unsignalised intersection at Waverley Road / Golf Course Access Road.

The intersection upgrade to Waverley and Jells Roads includes:

  • Lane Configuration: The lane configuration generally remains the same, apart from lengthening of the right turn lane on the Jells Road south approach to approximately 75m, resulting in the removal of the parking lane along the west side of the road.
  • Vehicle Access: The proposal generally retains the existing geometry and therefore vehicle accessibility will generally be the same as the existing conditions.
  • Signal Phasing: The layout adopts the typical three (3) phase arrangement for T-intersections, operating at a 60s cycle time to minimise delays and queue lengths.
  • Signal Hardware: Mast arm proposed for south approach to assist visibility due to the existing intersection geometry. Median island proposed on the west approach to provide dual primary lanterns.
  • Pedestrians: Signalised pedestrian crossings on the south approach (Jells Road) and north-east approach (Waverley Road). Crossings across the slip lanes provided in a raised zebra configuration to reduce vehicle speeds and provide improved pedestrian conditions.
  • Tree Removal: The tree outside 3 Jells Road is to be removed due to its poor structure and the sightline concerns.

Works are scheduled for June to September and will be conducted Monday to Friday, between 7.30am to 4.30pm. Some weekend work may be required at times, starting after 9am. Council will have traffic and pedestrian management in place during construction and will make every effort to minimise disruption during the works.

Please be mindful of this when visiting our facility over the next few months! We appreciate your patience with these exciting new upgrades.

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