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GTOM: Check Your Grip Fundamentals

If you are slicing, pushing, topping, hooking or pulling your shots, it could be that your grip needs to be looked at. A grip that is too weak (V between thumb and forefinger facing left shoulder for right-handers) can lead to a slice or a topped shot. A grip that is too strong (more than 3 knuckles visible on top hand) can lead to a pulled or hooked shot.

A good grip starts with the butt of the grip in the top hand sitting at the top of the palm angled across to the middle of the forefinger. When gripping ensure that the V formed between your forefinger and thumb faces your right shoulder. (Left shoulder for Left-Handers) Look down to see that you can see 2 knuckles of your top hand and you have a neutral grip. You should always aim to feel less of the grip in the palm and more in the fingers.

Depending on your preference for an overlap or interlock grip you will feel the bottom hand grip more in the fingers with V between thumb and forefinger facing the right shoulder. (Left Shoulder for Left-Handers)

PSR – Pre-Shot routine
A good habit prior to teeing off is to have a PSR – Pre-Shot Routine in this order below.

  1. Practice Swing – mainly for tempo and rehearsal of swing.
  2. Take Grip, place club face behind ball in line with your intended target.
  3. Take stance with your feet and shoulders parallel left of your target.
    Ball position according to club.
    1. Left Heel – Driver
    2. Between Heel and Middle of Stance – Fairway Woods and Hybrids
    3. Middle of Stance – Mid Irons to Wedges

A pre-shot routine before each shot instils good habits and helps when you are facing pressure shots.

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