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Why Golf is A Family Sport

Have you ever considered bringing some or the whole family down for a hit?

Golf is a fantastic idea to participate in with your loved ones on your next day off! Here are three reasons why.

  1. Golf is for all ages
    We have clubs for a 5-year-old to a 55-year-old! All you need with golf is a bit of hand-eye coordination. The physical undemanding nature of golf makes it accessible for all fitness levels to partake in.
  2. Play & Teach At The Same Time
    The beauty of golf is there aren’t too many rules or players so you can enjoy playing the game as well as teach someone at the same time without dragging the activity out for too long.
  3. Room For Conversation
    The game of golf includes many occasions for conversation so everyone can keep engaged and socialise, this helps keep it fun even if you’re not the best player on the course!

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