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Golf Instructor, Lisa Chen, Featured in Golf Australia

Oakleigh Golf Course instructor, Lisa Chen, has been recognised for her amazing work with challenging Chinese-Australians to get into golf.

“Many Chinese people are unaware of how to get into golf,” she said. “This has built a bridge for the Asian community to become engaged in golf.

“We are a collectivist community, and it’s important that you have a coach at the club that reflects the main demographics of the local area and is someone the community can relate to.”

Chen now coaches players of all ages, which Sandy Jamieson, a well-known professional and coach, says is significant. “This exposes the true beauty of golf and that it can be played by anyone, together,” he said.

Most of her teaching is done on course, rather than a driving range. “This empowers people to feel like they can actually use the golf course,” she said.

We promote the message that golf is an easy and fun game, and its cheap. We are breaking down the perception that it is difficult and non-accessible. We are so proud of Lisa’s work.

You can read the full article here.

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