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Golf Rules: Preferred Lies On Fairway

When playing competitions, golfers are allowed to prefer their lie by 30cms when their ball is on the fairway or short cut grass surrounding the green. This rule seems pretty straight forward, however, we all must follow the steps below to abide by the rules of golf.

  • Mark position of the ball by sticking a tee as close as possible to the ball before picking it up.
  • The ball may be cleaned before replacing it.
  • The ball is then placed inside 30 cms of the marked position (to the side or behind).
  • This new spot can’t be closer to the hole.
  • The ball can only be placed one time.
  • If there is any doubt as to whether the ball is positioned on the fairway or short cut grass you must ask your marker for confirmation.
  • The penalty for preferring your lie when you’re not on the fairway or short cut green surrounds is 2 strokes or loss of hole in Match Play.

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