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How To Practice Golf at Home

We know you can’t be on our beautiful greens but we have four ways. you can practice golf at home so you can be even better for when we re-open

1. Improve Your Golfing Fitness:

There are plenty of resources online to help you find the right exercises, but the things you want to focus on most are:

  • Balance and flexibility – Yoga and stretching are perfect for these
  • Core strength – Pilates is great for this, along with any other abdominal exercises included in interval training and cardio workouts.
  • Overall muscular strength – Bodyweight exercises are perfect, and if you have some dumbbells at home, then there are a huge amount of different exercises that you can do to help add strength and power to your game.

See a whole bunch of exercises and workout classes here at BFit @ Home!

2. The Full-Length Mirror Is Your Best Friend

Your fundamentals are the most important part of your golf set up and if you have a full-length mirror and a club from your bag, there are several drills you can do to ensure you have the basics right.

Focus on your Grip – As much as 90% of swing issues are caused by a poor set up and it all starts with the grip. By practising your grip in front of a mirror, it will ensure that your hands are exactly where they need to be on the club and how they sit and look together.

Another strong focus should be on your posture – If you suffer from bad posture in your golf swing, by standing in front of a mirror and taking your normal set up position, you can adjust the angle of your spine, the bend in your knees, whatever it may be, so that you know exactly what your body should look like, and in turn, feel like.

3. Swing Drills

If it’s raining outside or you don’t have a garage, you can still practice your golf swing indoors. Just make sure that you have a space in your house where you can comfortably make a full swing. If you do have any issues then you can. You don’t need a ball to practise your swings!

4. Putting At Home

Everybody wants to improve their putting and there is no better way to do this than by practicing at home. There are so many options to choose from when it comes to practicing your putting at home:

  • If you have carpeted floors, it is a great drill for gaining the feel and control of your putter.
  • Another great drill is to balance a coin on one golf ball at one end of the room and the object of the exercise is to practice putting another ball as close as you can so that it touches the other golf ball but doesn’t knock the coin off.
  • If you have a rug at home, have some room along your skirting or can lay some form of tape down on the floor (ensuring it is straight) then a great exercise is to practice your putting stroke ensuring your backstroke doesn’t go over the line of the rug or tape and doesn’t hit the skirting. This helps ensure that you build a solid, straight and repeatable putting stroke
  • Of course, the other option is to use one of the many putting mats that are currently available which come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

Good luck, and we hope to see you all soon!

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