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Introducing 1Club Golf

We have exciting news at Oakleigh Golf Course as Sandy Jamieson a coach of 25 years has recently moved into to teach beginners and intermediate golfers with the launch of an innovative program, 1Club Golf, to make learning golf easy, fun and affordable.

Those who do know of Oakleigh, understand it is a learner’s paradise and as such are very tolerant and friendly to the new golfer. The golf course is the perfect place to learn because while you can hit long shots on the par 4 holes and the longer par 3s when you’re learning it is the shots within 100m that really add up.

1Club golf gets beginners on the course playing within 15 minutes as it is the ideal way to learn the game, without having to stand on the range and remember 10 things. The program progresses into playing with multiple clubs right through to using your whole set if you choose to do so. At Oakleigh its about finding the level of golf that suits you whether it’s a hit and a chat with friends or you desire to play competitive, either way, we can help you.

Give us a call on (03) 95683307 or click here to find out more information.

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