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5 Tips To Improve Your Golf Swing

Whilst golf can be frustrating on the very best of days, we have a few simple tips and tricks that can help improve your swing ten folds for the next time you’re out on the green.

Tip 1: Your Grip

Before you even look at hitting a ball you need to ensure your grip is correct.

When holding a club your dominant hand should be placed on the grip as though you were holding a hammer, then place your non-dominant hand on top.

This is the desired grip for golfers however can be subject to slight modification if it feels uncomfortable. Remember not to grip the club too hard, it shouldn’t be uncomfortable or hurt!

Tip 2: Balance

You will find that almost all sports rely heavily on balance and golf is no exception to this.

If you move back on your heels or forward on your toes during the swing, your hands and body will put your whole swing out of whack.

Tip 3: Keeping In Sync

To be able to have an effective swing you have to ensure that both your hands and body are in sync.

Being too hand-orientated will mean you see less power in your swing. However, focusing on power and not your hand position will mean you don’t have as much control so it’s important to keep them both in check!

Tip 4: Practice Your Tempo

Slow down your swing!

More often than not we channel our inner happy Gilmore and try hit the cover off of the ball. Whether this be due to frustration (we’re all guilty of that) or not, slowing down your swing is essential.

You can almost never hit it too slowly. By slowing down your tempo it lets the previous tips work in cohesion. It lets your body to swing in the proper sequence and allows you to remain balanced, which will generate maximum power and accuracy.

Tip 5: Following A Tilted Circle

Now it’s time to relax and let it go!

Your swing shouldn’t be vertical, nor should it be horizontal. Your swing should aim to follow a tilted circle motion, make sure that both your swing and backswing follow through as much as possible.

By following this motion you will get more consistent results and make a better connection with the ball.

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