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 Golf Course

Glen Waverley Golf Course is a beautiful, 18 hole suburban course situated in the serene Jells Park, just 30 minutes from Melbourne’s CBD. This fun, yet tight and challenging course is suitable for all, from the novices through to more advanced players


Front 9

Hole Men’s Ladies Blue Red
1st Hole Par 4 Par 4 309m 307m
2nd Hole Par 4 Par 4 321m 321m
3rd Hole Par 3 Par 3 134m 134m
4th Hole Par 4 Par 5 389m 389m
5th Hole Par 4 Par 5 390m 390m
6th Hole Par 5 Par 5 440m 440m
7th Hole Par 3 Par 3 139m 139m
8th Hole Par 4 Par 4 343m 273m
9th Hole Par 4 Par 5 411m 380m
Front 9 Par 35 Par 38 2876m 2773m

Back 9

Hole Men’s Ladies Blue Red
10th Hole Par 3 Par 3 172m 172m
11th Hole Par 4 Par 4 332m 303m
12th Hole Par 3 Par 3 136m 136m
13th Hole Par 4 Par 4 284m 284m
14th Hole Par 4 Par 4 302m 302m
15th Hole Par 4 Par 4 288m 288m
16th Hole Par 4 Par 4 285m 285m
17th Hole Par 4 Par 4 308m 308m
18th Hole Par 3 Par 3 160m 160m
Back 9 Par 33 Par 33 2267m 2238m
Course Par 68 Par 71 5143m 5011m

1st Hole

A long and tough par 4. Slight dogleg left into an elevated green that’s well protected on the left hand side. Use a driver, but placement is key to score on this long par 4/5. The driver must be spot on to reach the green for two.

Being slightly right off centre is perfect. The right hand side of the green is a good line to aim for. Use a mid to long iron to a tricky green, with lots of breaks and borrow awaiting you. Keep the ball below the hole so you put a normal stroke on it. A 5 is a reasonable score for this hole.

Distance Par
Mens 309m Par 4
Ladies 307m Par 4

2nd Hole

A long, double dogleg left par 4 into a skinny green with difficult bunkers to the right. Play percentage off the tee. Trying for a big drive usually creates left or right tee problems.

Right of centre opens up the green. Play a long iron to this for placement again. A chip and run to the pin is your safest option as it is a long green. A 5 is a reasonable score for this hole.

Distance Par
Mens 321m Par 4
Ladies 321m Par 4

3rd Hole

A nice short par 3 which will reward a well played short iron approach. The only area to steer clear of is the right hand bunker.

The green is rather large and fairly flat, so get your putt on line and there is a good chance to keep improving your score.

Distance Par
Mens 134m Par 3
Ladies 134m Par 3

4th Hole

A short hole but it can catch you by surprise if you are not on your game. Driver can be hit if you are playing well but the smart option is to play a fairway wood or long iron down to the bottom of the hill, leaving a short iron approach to the green. If you do try and hit with a driver the fairway gets much tighter closer to the green and there is also some tee tree which really hurt your score.

Once you do find the fairway knock your approach nice and close, only having to avoid the two green side bunkers. The green slopes from back to front, so staying below the hole will ensure you have no more than 2 putts.

Distance Par
Mens 389m Par 4
Ladies 389m Par 5

5th Hole

A short dog leg right par 4, which definitely offers up the chance for a birdie. Watch out though, because this hole isn’t easy. The key to this hole is hitting the fairway. If you get to aggressive off the tee then you will go through the fairway into dense pine trees that are like a pin ball machine to get out of.

A long iron off the tee is the play and then you will still only have a short shot into the green. Two bunkers guard the green but are fairly shallow so be aggressive with your approach shot make a birdie and high five your mates.

Distance Par
Mens 390m Par 4
Ladies 390m Par 5

6th Hole

A short, par 5 slight dogleg right into a difficult green. A large bunker at the front right of the green. Tight and rough to the left, this is a great scoring hole if played well. Out of bounds right side.

With your drive, line up to third mound on left hand side from where you can see the whole fairway to the green. If you slice it, it should still be in play. Don’t try for much with your second shot. Lay up short and pitch to the centre of the green. Nice putting surface. Bunker on right hand side; well placed to get the big hitter going for the green in two.

Distance Par
Mens 440m Par 5
Ladies 440m Par 5

7th Hole

A mid length par 3 into tough elevated green. Heavy protection on all sides with a large bunker front right and difficult recovery shots from the left and back of the green. Right of green is out of bounds.

The centre of the green is the best option here. Don’t try to be too flashy. Out of bounds on right. A devilish bunker on the right hand side and severe fall left and over back make this very tricky. Green has a lot of break, right and left putts. Keep the ball under the hole. Don’t be over the back, unless your short game is great.

Distance Par
Mens 139m Par 3
Ladies 139m Par 3

8th Hole

A picturesque mid length par 4 into a small elevated green. Protection from two difficult bunkers on the left. One of the most rewarding second shots on the course. Nice tight par 4. 3 wood is a good option here, with the right hand side of fairway being an ideal spot.

Gives you something to hit at for your second shot with a mid iron. Probably one more club in than what you think as the green is elevated. Bunker on left is nicely placed to get the person trying for a career shot. A great putting surface.

Distance Par
Mens 343m Par 4
Ladies 273m Par 4

9th Hole

A beautiful view from the island tee. A long right/left double dogleg par 4 into a tricky green. The longest par 4/5 on the course, but sensible play can get you an easy 5. Two separate tees make it a good challenge: Lower tee – finishing right of centre is perfect to set up a long iron to the green. Top tee – trees on the right hand side of the tee make you work the ball to the fat gum on the right of the pine, which can be found on the left hand side of the fairway.

From here, don’t try to force long iron, go for placement. The shot to green is a little tricky due to an elevated and long green. Over the back is hard to recover from due to a downhill slope.

Distance Par
Mens 411m Par 4
Ladies 380m Par 5

10th Hole

A long par 3 into a nice well protected green with bunkers on both sides. The green demands accuracy off the tee. A hole where it is better to be short, not right or left. Over the back is a challenging shot.

Mid to long iron off tee (woods not recommended). Bunkers and swales will test your short game.

Distance Par
Mens 172m Par 3
Ladies 172m Par 3

11th Hole

Mid length double dogleg right par 4 into an easy green that has light bunker protection on the left side. A really nice golf hole. It demands a good drive on the line of the big green pine (above two white signs) on left hand side of the fairway. Going too far right can cause tree trouble, possibly out of bounds.

A long green makes it hard to judge the right club for your second shot. Play for top of flag if in the centre of green. Tricky surface with hidden breaks.

Distance Par
Mens 332m Par 4
Ladies 303m Par 4

12th Hole

A beautiful short par 3 into a mid sized green protected by a very difficult bunker on the right side. Hit the green in one to score well. This hole looks easy but tricky winds can turn that around. Club selection is vital as over the back is a creek.

A block or hook shot can make it difficult to get up and down, as the green is big and has some tricky breaks. Deceptive distance.

Distance Par
Mens 136m Par 3
Ladies 136m Par 3

13th Hole

A short dogleg left into the toughest green on the course, which is protected front right and left by difficult bunkers. The green slants heavily back to front. A difficult recovery if you hit into the trees right or left. Perfect shot is a 3 wood or long iron, right of centre is ideal.

Short iron into a very tricky fast green, with overloaded breaks and borrows. Try to keep the ball under the hole. If over the back – good luck!

Distance Par
Mens 284m Par 4
Ladies 284m Par 4

14th Hole

A short dogleg right par 4 into a flat and easy green. Great scoring opportunity. Slight dog leg to the right. Wide fairway and dark in trees. Aim your drive to the biggest, tallest gum on the left hand side. Perfect for an easy shot in. Don’t be long with your second shot with a fence over the back.

Drive it too far right and you are cut off by trees, making it hard to hit the green in regulation. 3 wood is a good option.

Distance Par
Mens 302m Par 4
Ladies 302m Par 4

15th Hole

A straight par 4 into a green that slants heavily back to front. Fairway bunker on the left ready to catch you if you take it on. Looks deceptively easy. The wide fairway/centre is perfect for your drive. For your second shot, aim to centre of the green.

It’s a deceptive green that sits up with mean borrow in parts. Keep the ball under the hole. Bunker on the drive is beautifully placed to catch those going for too much.

Distance Par
Mens 288m Par 4
Ladies 288m Par 4

16th Hole

A short and straight par 4, this hole gives you a real chance to make up some shots. Long drivers can reach the green in one. A short hole that can be difficult if driven badly. Right of centre is perfect – leaving you an open green.

Hitting the driver here is risky as you don’t want to finish in the scrub. Nice flat green to hit and nice to putt on. Look out for the fence through the green.

Distance Par
Mens 285m Par 4
Ladies 285m Par 4

17th Hole

A vicious dogleg left off the tee into a very well protected green that slants heavily back to front. The tree in front and to the right makes it a tough approach shot. Difficult bunker left of the green. If you can draw a 3 wood or driver here around the corner gum, this hole is easy.

For the average golfer, it’s an iron shot off the tee. Tee it up on the right hand side of the tree. If you don’t hit the green, leave it short of centre and chip in. Leave the ball under the hole as putts can be awkward. A 5 is not too bad here.

Distance Par
Mens 308m Par 4
Ladies 308m Par 4

18th Hole

A nice mid length par 3 to finish after a tough 17. Bunker left of a small elevated green. • Here you hit to a wide, but not long green. A good line is to the little yellow tree on the front of the 14th tee. Centre of slightly left is good. Anything from the right hand side can be made difficult by trees and mounds.

The flat green is nice, but don’t rush your putts. Landing short of over the back is satisfactory. Right hand side of the road is out of bounds.

Distance Par
Mens 160m Par 3
Ladies 160m Par 3